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Fall Dude Ranch Vacations – Horseman’s Week

Horseman’s Week at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch is an excellent fall vacation opportunity. Perfect for families with older children, couples, and individuals, Horseman’s Week immerses you in horseback riding through the picturesque San Juan Mountains. Our 2011 dates are September 4 through September 11 and include 20% off our regular rates.

What Happens During Horseman’s Week?

During the orientation part of the week, you’ll be matched with one of our 85 well-trained horses. Once we’ve matched you with a horse and found a comfortable saddle, you’ll start learning horse riding basics as well as how to move around horses.

After this basic orientation, we’ll teach you how to walk your horse, jog, and lope. Private lessons are also available to help you improve specific skills you want to work on.

What if your horse is hard to catch in the pasture? How do you read its body language? When you learn about ground work, you’ll learn how to catch your horse in a pasture without hurting yourself or the horse. We’ll also teach you how to groom a horse, tack, and how to control your horse when you’re on the ground.

Horseback riding vacations wouldn’t be complete without rides, and during our Horseman’s Week, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ride. You’ll be invited to take part in morning rides, afternoon rides, half-day, and full-day rides, as well as a chance to learn how to drive cattle from the back of a horse. You can also do some arena work, learning to ride like you’re in the rodeo as you and your horse swerve around poles and barrels.

Ride During the Day, Relax in the Evening

After a long day on the trail at our Colorado dude ranch, you’ll have a chance to relax at night with some old Western movies, Horse Jeopardy, or just lounging around and relaxing. You might also want to head into town to take in the Durango Melodrama – a popular event with many of our guests.

Like many dude ranch vacations, Colorado Trails provides you with plenty of fresh air, mountain beauty, and a distinct change of pace from your daily life. Contact us to find out more about our Horseman’s Week fall vacation.

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  • I certainly would like to spend a vacation here!

    • CTD

      We’ll have a comfy bed waiting and dinner cooked when you get here.

  • Mel Ponton

    My family and I have vacationed at CTR 3 times and LOVED every one of them. We always went during the time between the end of school and the beginning of summer camp as a means of accomodating our daughter’s schedule. Although my wife doesn’t much care for riding, I do. And the riding stock at CTR is hard to beat. I always used to ride a horse named Ranger. I think being assigned Ranger was something of a compliment. Anyway, I don’t recall knowing about Horseman’s Week and it sounds really interesting to me – even at my age. Maybe especially at my age. My wife and I love the Durango area and CTR in particular. Also, it would be great to see Jeanne again.

    Decisions. Decisions.

  • Cherie, I grew up along the Wasatch Front, and this past week up here has seemed uslunaluy chilly. It’s, like, eighty-five degrees in Mesquite right now. I need some sunshine!I know what you mean, Ruth. It’s great spending time with family. (But sometimes I have to sneak away to write:) )Darke Conteur, that makes sense. We usually just vacation at our parents’ houses, though, so there’s less sightseeing to do (but usually a ton of family stuff, so I guess that’s kind of the same thing).Ben, good for you for helping out with the kids. Vacations are usually harder than just hanging out at home, so they don’t always feel like vacations.Good point, Jessica. It’d be nice to take a vacation at home sometime. Now I just have to figure out where to stash the kids… :)Sarah, kids make writing harder in just about every possible way:) (But we love them, anyway.)Ditto, Jeni! I need life to force me to let manuscripts rest.I don’t know, Amy. I think I’m still in the obsession phase:) And I did see the title of your blog post – I liked it;)