Are you a fishing enthusiast? If so, Colorado Trails is the perfect place for you to be. Enjoying your lodgings and accommodations on our dude ranch, Durango offers the best fishing vacations around. We have 450 acres of scenic land, tucked against the San Juan Mountains and the national forest about 12 miles northeast of Durango. Here are many ponds and lakes, mountain rivers and streams conveniently located on or around our ranch, so take your pick. Its some mighty fine fly fishing, and a week set in spectacular scenery.

Fishing is a perfect way to start off any day. Before you head out to the lakes though, make sure that you have all of your fishing gear. If you’ve forgotten something at home or just don’t have it, we have a fly fishing center which is equipped with everything that you will need to go trout fishing.

For those who just never get your fill of angling, we have full-day dude ranch fishing trips. Typically, more advanced angers are the ones that go on these trips on their fishing vacations. If you are a beginner, you may want to start off with our half-day options first and spend some of your dude ranch vacation time doing something different like river rafting or horseback riding.  We have a huge selection of activities any of our guests are welcome to partake in.

One full-day fishing option is at the San Juan River. This river, below the Navajo Dam, is open to the public. It is known for having some of the biggest, most beautiful rainbow trout in the world. Here, you will be fishing in the “Blue Ribbon Waters” of the San Juan River. If you’re a seasoned angler ready to plug into a sensational fly fishing vacation’s experience, you won’t want to miss out on a day snagging rainbows here.

There are many high mountain streams in the San Juan National Forest that you can choose from. Brook, cutthroat, and brown trout is abundant in these areas, so come prepared to catch some serious fish. One of these streams is Lime Creek. Located in the upper Animas River, it is home to a variety of good sized trout and excellent sport fishing. Cascade Creek lies deep in the San Juan Mountains. It includes over 14 miles of pristine waters our Colorado dude ranch guests are free to fish in. Cascade trout are small but wily, making them great fun to land. Hermosa Creek allows you to test out their own stalking abilities. The Hermosa Creeks allow you to fish in complete solitude, which many of our dude ranch fishing trips guests prefer.

In addition to our many fishing options that you can choose from surrounding our dude ranch Durango, we also offer float trips. These trips will take place on the San Juan or Animas River. If you are interested in doing this get in contact with us, so we can get your outing set up.

For the experienced fishers, they are always looking for the perfect place for their fishing vacations. Some want a place where they can interact with many other fishers, while others want to be alone. It can be hard to find that perfect spot, but on our Colorado dude ranch it’s easy. We give our guests great variety, so they will find their favorite spot easily, and always with wildly beautiful countryside surrounding it. It won’t take the entire week on our dude ranch – Durango will become your favorite place for fly fishing vacations. Excellent trout fishing makes Colorado Trails the pro fisher’s place to go.