Whether you’re on a family adventure vacation or a horseback riding vacation, you get to partake in some phenomenal dinner menus. A popular choice offered at our guest ranch, Colorado Trails, is our beef tenderloin and chicken breast cookout. You can enjoy your meal and the beautiful rural Colorado atmosphere together. Something about this combination adds a spice to the flavor, not found anywhere else on Earth.

Another option for couples and parents is an exquisite candlelight dinner. You can entrust your children to the counselors for the evening, and enjoy adult conversation with the other guests. A popular after-dinner activity is the ice cream social at the Soda Fountain.

You have just finished your superb dinner and dessert at the western dude ranch. Now you’re pondering what to do with the rest of your evening. You’ll be happy to know that we offer many excellent activities after nightfall. Whether you’re the adventurous type, or you’d rather relax after a long, thrilling day at the guest ranch, we have you covered.

A favorite nighttime excursion during many a horseback riding vacation is a trip to the Henry Strater Theatre. This is where you have the opportunity to take in the Durango Melodrama and Vaudeville, if your visit falls between June 11th and August 21st. These live performances, at one of National Geographic’s Top Places to Experience in the USA, have been running for 48 years. Numerous visitors to our guest ranch have been thrilled with the high quality of these live theatre shows during their stay.

Maybe you would rather try some good, old-fashioned western dancing during your stay at our Colorado Trails Ranch. We offer some popular styles for you to try your hand at while you’re vacationing. Practice your promenade and do-si-do steps when it’s time for square dancing. Swing your partner round and round, then learn the Chicken Dance or the Macarena when you get in sync with the other dancers for a night of line-dancing. There’s something for everyone to appreciate, at any age.

Another attractive option is to end your evening in a way that will give you a traditional western dude ranch feeling. Your night will begin when we load your family and friends in the hay wagon. You’ll huddle in the hay to begin the scenic ride through the magnificent Colorado landscape towards the sundown activity we have planned for you. The blazing campfire will come into view, and the wagon will pull up so your group can unload and settle in. Your evening will be spent singing along with our resident cowboy singer Greg Ryder.

On this family adventure vacation, we give you all the fun and adventure under the sun, and even more experiences in moonlight made brighter by billions of amazing stars. Just like during your days spent on our guest ranch, Colorado Trails, there is an activity to suit everyone at night.