Before a visit to our dude ranch, Colorado Trails, many guests are anxious and excited to find out what we have to offer them. You may have heard about our delicious foods and vast variety of activities and are so excited to experience this for yourself.

Once you arrive on that beautiful Sunday afternoon or evening, you will be warmly greeted by our staff members. One of the first things you will experience at our dude ranch is a delicious meal cooked by our chef. Our mouthwatering meal will get you even more excited about what else we have to offer you. After the meal, you will be settled into your cabin. With our cozy beds and an authentic log cabin appeal, you will feel right at home instantly.

Once you’re settled into your lodgings and have a moment, you will look around you and begin to appreciate the beauty of nature. The lush, green forest around you and bright, blue sky will prepare you for a family ranch vacation that you will never forget. You can take part in a customized horseback riding vacation or a fly fishing vacation. We offer our guests a variety of activities so that they always have something to do. Some of the other activities available include river rafting, hiking, swimming, and much more! Lots of our guests mix this great adventure into being horseback riding – fishing vacations.

Here, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service for our guests. When you visit, expect friendly staff and an unforgettable time. This is the perfect opportunity to go on new adventures and find out what nature has to offer you. Our dude ranch, Durango scenery and the Colorado mountains opens your eyes to the possibilities that lie within nature and how much fun you can have with the world that surrounds you.

We have activities for when the sun goes down as well. We also have fun evening activities, which are the perfect way to end a day. A family ranch vacation is incomplete without activities for the family, and that is exactly what we offer. We want to bring you closer to your family and ours at the Colorado Trails dude ranch.

Throughout your stay, you will continue to be amazed at our activities, services, and facilities that we offer. Our children’s program will keep the kids busy throughout the day. It is divided into age groups so that each group will partake in activities that are suitable for them. They will have a blast every single day as they meet new friends.

For first time guests, they will be amazed at what we have to offer them. For repeat guests, they expect to have all inclusive family vacations of a lifetime, and they will. Those who have visited our Colorado dude ranch for one time often became return guests. They just can’t get enough of Colorado Trails.