Discovery and new experiences should be thrilling and fun. This is exactly what you will all find on a well organized guest ranch vacation. There are just so many amazing things to do at a Colorado dude ranch you will wonder what took you so long to take advantage of the experience. There is a great deal more to take part in than horseback riding at this kind of resort. Fun like you just can’t find anywhere else.

Dude ranch vacations provide you with the opportunity to learn the art of fly fishing. This is a lot different than fishing from a boat and far more exciting too. Don’t worry about not knowing what you are doing with that rod and reel. If you haven’t tried fly fishing before, the guest ranch has a fly fishing expert on staff to show you the tricks to catching mountain stream trout. Then you’ll enjoy fresh, delicious fish like you’ve never eaten before. You see Southwestern Colorado has some of the best trout fishing in the world, so checking out just how much fun fly fishing can be is all part of the guest ranch adventure vacation.

The trails in the San Juan National Forest will put you in the center of some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you can imagine. Horseback riding on these trails is something no one could ever forget. Even people who have never been in the saddle before will be out on those trails, forging rivers on a trusty steed and galloping across valley meadows in no time at all. The dude ranch will have seasoned wranglers on hand to quickly teach you the art of horseback riding. Unlike going riding at a local riding stable, guest ranch horseback riding is always done in small groups.

If you’ve ever gone riding at a stable for a few hours, you will most likely have found yourself on a very confused horse. The poor animals never get to know any of their riders and can suffer some really bad mistreatment. At a dude ranch, the guests have the same horse for an entire week on their horseback riding vacation that is matched to their personality and experience. This makes the week of riding fun and so rewarding that you’ll never go back to that stable for horseback riding again.

When you’ve tired of riding for the day, as a dude ranch guest you’ll have so many choices of what you’ll do for fun next. You might decide to go river rafting or power tubing. Of course you could always just take a swim in the dude ranch pool too. Or go hiking with a group of some great people you’re have a wonderful time getting to know. Relaxing and communicating pleasantly with the rest of the guests at our Colorado Trails guest ranch is so easy. It seems to be a natural human reaction to the peaceful atmosphere amidst such spectacular mountain scenery.

No matter where you come from, a week on our guest ranch will quickly become your family adventure vacations experience of a lifetime. Great times, great food and a nice group of really great people to share it all with… it’s all part of the dude ranch vacation experience.