Typically, when you plan a family adventure vacation, you are also planning several trips to fast food restaurants and gas stations. Here, you and your family will be consuming junk food like potato chips by the bag, hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, and candy. However, we all know that nothing is better than a home cooked meal, and that is exactly what you’ll get at our guest ranch, Colorado Trails.

Our guest ranch, located 12 miles northeast of Durango, Colorado, is a temporary home to many fun seekers. Not only are they looking for fun, they are also searching for a hot, delicious home cooked meal…and it’s not very far. Our talented chef provides our guests with high quality, upscale meals that every member of the family will love.

Life can get hectic at times, and sometimes it seems like your only choice for nutrition is to stop at the nearest McDonalds and grab a Meal #5. However, at our guest ranch, we want you to remember how special and scrumptious a home cooked meal can be. Each meal is unique, made from the hands of our gifted chef, whom our guests rave about.

To get a little taste of the food you will eat during your family ranch vacation, we’re going to show you some of the foods that our guests enjoy throughout the day. For breakfast, you might wake up to an array of fresh baked bread, fruit, French toast, bacon, sausage, and homemade granola. At our guest ranch, we have many traditions and one of them is the pancake cookout. Another tradition at our guest ranch, Colorado Trails, is when families ride to the cookout together, and then enjoy eggs, fry bread, kielbasa, and hot grits.

After your adventurous morning in our Durango dude ranch, taking advantage of the variety of activities that we have to offer, it’s time to re-energize with one of our delightful lunches. During this time, you can enjoy our soup and salad bar, cheese steaks, homemade pizza, chicken breasts, and much more. We even have warm cookies, lemon bars, and brownies for those with a sweet tooth.

In your home, dinner is probably the most important meal of the day. It’s the same at our guest ranch. After a long day, you can enjoy salmon, prime rib, pasta, fresh fruits and salad, homemade breads, and grilled beef tenderloin. Each night, you will be able to indulge in different foods that will have your taste buds tingling. Our desserts would even have Betty Crocker begging for the recipes. You may find turnovers, apple pie, carrot cake, pastries, cheesecake, and much more.

We do all inclusive family vacations the right way. Forget the fast food and take-out—have a meal that you’ll remember…a Colorado Trails meal. Dig in!