If you’re looking for the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate, the San Juan Mountains really can’t be beat. Folks have been making the trip to Durango for over a century just to marvel at the scenery. The panoramic views are spectacular in the San Jan National Forest not far from Durango. Colorado Trails guest ranch vacations offer you a remarkably great time doing all manner of out of the ordinary things. That’s the best way to relax, by doing whatever your mind takes you today. We can promise you that you’ll never be bored during your stay here at guest ranch Colorado Trails.

Knowing you have far too much of being herded around in your everyday life, there is a huge list of exciting and very relaxing activities you can pick from here without ever leaving ranch property. That’s one of the things that really make a family ranch vacation on a working ranch so great. You’ll spend more time vacationing and less time driving around so you can do something new. Not that we hold our guest ranch visitors prisoner. You’re perfectly welcome to go venturing off to town if you like, but most new arrivals are so busy enjoying a fly fishing vacation or horseback riding vacations… they have no desire to leave. Some of our visitors would be really happy if they never had to leave at all.

Not all dude ranches are on real working ranches. There are hotel resort type outfits – even here in the wilds of Colorado. Choosing to stay at one of these ranches might be tempting, but you won’t be enjoying real horseback riding vacations. Colorado Trails owns and maintains all 80 horses our ranch visitors will be riding. There are other Durango, Colorado guest ranch locations that are resorts that rent your horse on other ranches, and buy you a spot on a cattle drive somewhere in the area. This will take up some of your vacation hours, being bused back and forth to your horse. You certainly wouldn’t be able to experience a family horseback ride to a chuck wagon breakfast without being on the same ranch your horses were when you woke up in the morning.

It’s a lot more relaxing not to have to be on time for appointments like when your bus leaves that takes you to your cattle drive activity or the next opening you could get for a trail ride. If you’re going to have fun and not need to worry about anything at all on this trip to Durango, Colorado guest ranch accommodations where you spend the week with the same horse are your best bet. A horse is a lot better riding companion when you get to know each other. It isn’t a car that you just jump in, fire it up and roar off to a destination.

On family ranch vacations at Colorado Trails, you’ll be able to spend the first whole day getting to know your horse. This makes the rest of your week so much more relaxing and fun. Horses like being friends with their rider, they are social animals. For this reason, riding stable horses rented by the hour are not very happy and are also quite confused with so much chaos during their workday.  Going on horseback riding vacations should be an excellent adventure you can enjoy every moment of.

Colorado Trails is the ultimate Durango, Colorado dude ranch vacation. We take care of everything, and you’re just here to enjoy yourself. The food is excellent, the friendly atmosphere makes it the perfect place to get to know new people and the fun never ends. There aren’t any lines to stand in, and you won’t need your car again until you leave next Sunday. You can spend a day on a mini fly fishing vacation and the next on a horseback riding vacation. Or you can shoot skeet, go river rafting, herd some cows, play some pool, and learn a really mean two-step… the list is seemingly endless. Colorado Trails has been making dude ranch vacation memories for all ages for years.