Summer fun and ice cream have been synonymous for hundreds of years, In the history of America and the Old West, the ice cream social was a high point in any community that began in the mid to late 1800’s. So making an ice cream social part of your dude ranch itinerary really hits the spot with every guest, no matter what their age is. It is interesting that ice cream and interacting with your family or community has been tied together since time immoral. The Colorado Trails guest ranch ice cream social is not just delicious but gives everyone a chance to mingle and well… socialize.

Did you know that the first form of ice cream was created by a Chinese king way back before the year of 697… AD? No wonder everyone loves this wonderful desert so much, it’s deeply ingrained into our instincts. In the Old West and other developing parts of a young America, the ice cream social was the perfect excuse for everyone to gather and enjoy each other’s company instead of laboring at their normal activities. Since you’ll be on a family adventure vacation on our dude ranch, enjoying all the finer points of a real ice cream social will fit right into a fun filled week. There are many great dude ranch resort activities just waiting for you here.

Thomas Jefferson served ice cream baked in a fluffy pastry at the White House in 1802, but he learned how to make it in France years before that. He played at creating ice cream with snow and ice at Mount Vernon. His creamy concoctions were not the same as real ice cream as we know it today. The ice cream makers used to make homemade or manufactured ice cream wasn’t invented until the mid 1800’s. While you won’t have to wait for us to make the ice cream for the social here at the dude ranch, it’s interesting that the history of everyone’s favorite treat is so long and far flung.

You probably aren’t going to decide to go on family adventure vacations based on our dude ranch ice cream social, but every guest who has come to stay always says it is one of their favorite events here. Your kids will be excited to know that the Colorado Trails ice cream parlor is open for business every day. It’s all part of our guest ranch experience and is located right next door to our private Opera Hall by the guest ranch office. If you come back from horseback riding or power tubing and can’t locate your kids, look in the ice cream parlor because they always seem to end up there. Can you blame them? They’re welcome to enjoy a frozen treat every day as our dude ranch resort group.

Next to the ice cream social, the square dancing and line dancing nights at the Opera Hall are always great fun. Western dancing will never go out of style, especially here in Colorado. So no all inclusive family vacation could ever be perfectly complete without taking part in this evening event. Something for everyone awaits you at Colorado Trails guest ranch. No one comes for the ice cream social, but no one ever misses it either.