If you ask your teenaged children what they want to do on the upcoming family vacation, they won’t say they want to go to a dude ranch. Don’t be surprised when they are anything but happy that your family adventure vacation plans for this year means spending an entire week at guest ranch. In their young minds, this sounds like exactly what they don’t want to do. This all will change once they get on dude ranch property and start checking out the realities. It will be far less painless than asking them to eat peas.

Teenagers are the last people who have a desire to relax in the middle of nowhere, and spending a week doing outdoor activities. Don’t let this steer you to letting them have the upper hand, Colorado Trails Ranch is a resort for family adventure vacations. The CTR ranch staff knows all about teenagers. We have the perfect dude ranch teens program itinerary lined up for them. What your kids think will be the most horrible experience ever and so uncool, will instantly be transformed into the time of their lives.

Through hundreds of dude ranch guest families in our experience it is always the teenagers who change their attitude and views the most over the course of a week on the guest ranch. What they prejudged to be their worst nightmare actually becomes so much fun that you will find them having a great time spending time as a family. Could it be possible? Yes! Its magic, this teenager’s dude ranch adventure experience created just for them. By the time the week is drawing to a close, you will witness them talking about how cool nature is and how charging around on a mighty steed or fly fishing is awesome. No, we didn’t practice any voodoo on a single one of these transformed people in their teens.

So what’s the secret? How do you arrive with a stubborn, disenchanted teenager on a dude ranch vacation and find yourself going home with this strange person who had fun doing family activities and exploring the great outdoors? Simple. The teens program on this guest ranch is specifically put together to make this happen naturally. The reason they don’t want to go on vacation outdoors is because they have no idea what they are talking about. Kids only want to do what they know about, our staff is expert at handling this whole adventure on their level. There is so much to do and see, your teens will have the best time in the world, in spite of themselves.

Horseback riding and trap shooting are high on teen’s fav list of stuff they did on their guest ranch vacation. They love the thrills of river rafting and power tubing. They may think that riding horses is dumb right now, but wait until they have raced across the valley meadow at a gallop. It beats the pants off a fast car any day of the week. Your kid just doesn’t know that yet, but they will and they will get the biggest charge out of the dude ranch experience too.

They won’t be complaining about the food or the people they spend their days and evenings with. You will be allowed to relax and enjoy your vacation in a way never before possible. When you take your family, teenagers included, on all inclusive family vacations at Colorado Trails Ranch. You will be spend the entire week having fun separately, and getting back in touch with each other at the same time. It’s all part of the magic of dude ranch kids program as only Colorado Trails can put them together.