Are you ready to have an exciting and fun-filled vacation? So are we. We have some serious fun at Colorado Trails, and we can’t wait for you to join us! Each summer, adventure seekers come to our dude ranch, in hopes of learning new things and having a great time. They always get what they were looking for, and more.

The thing that surprises most guests about our Durango dude ranch, is that here, we are like family. Our staff spends all their time at the ranch and with other staff, so we’ve all come together as a family. The staff at Colorado Trails are outgoing, friendly, and ready to assist you when you need it. Our goal is to have you loving our dude ranch like we do.

As you know, there is an endless list of activities that you can do during your stay at our Colorado Guest ranch. Our staff goes out of their way to ensure that you are having a great time and are more than satisfied with your stay For example, to get to our dude ranch you can fly into Durango, and our staff will go and pick you up at no extra cost. We will also take you back after your stay. This is just one of the things that we do at Colorado Trails to keep our guests happy. We also offer off-ranch activities such as the Victorian Melodrama and shopping trips in Durango.

While participating in all the activities we have to offer here and visiting our shops and stores, you will also be gaining knowledge. Our trained staff are able to assist you, educating you on the activity that you are taking part in.

If you’ve come for a horseback riding vacation, our instructors will teach you everything you need to know about riding on horseback. Throughout the day, you will learn the best strategies to become skilled very quickly. They will walk you through every step of the way, making sure that safety precautions are taken.

Whatever activity you choose to join in on, there will always be a friendly staff member there to assist you when you need it. The day you move in, you will have the opportunity to meet the staff at dinner. During this time, we like to welcome our Durango dude ranch guests and get to know them a little better.

Whether you’re planning a horseback riding vacation or just want to head to the mountains to relax under the Colorado skies, Colorado Trails is the place to be. When you leave here, you will depart with new friends, a greater appreciation for nature, and picture in your mind of the outgoing staff you encountered during your all inclusive family vacations.