Kids in the nine to twelve age range aren’t “little kids” anymore, but neither are they quite as ready to be as independent and self-directed as a teenager. At a dude ranch like Colorado Trails, these “middle kids” need kid friendly vacations tailored to their age group’s needs. Luckily, at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, we have a lot of experience working with kids in this age range, who we call our “Rough Riders”.

Walking on the Wild Side

Our overnight wilderness camp outs provide kids in the 9 – 12 age range with a sense of independence and outdoor adventure, all the while with careful safety regulations in place that keep your kids secure. It’s not easy to give Rough Riders a sense of independence while constantly supervising, but over the years we’ve had a chance to master the art.

During your all inclusive family vacations at Colorado Trails, Thursday night into Friday morning is usually the night for the wilderness camp out for the Rough Riders. The younger kids get to enjoy a cook out and if brave enough, can sleep under the stars with the bigger kids at the camp out; meanwhile, the teens pack up and head to the El Dorado Ranch for their camping and fishing trip. The Rough Riders, meanwhile, have the camp out in the surrounding San Juan Mountains all to themselves.

Other Activities for Rough Riders

Besides the wilderness camp out, which is one of the favorite activities for many Rough Riders, their outdoor adventure will also include horseback riding, white water rafting, catch-and-release fishing, nature hikes, and swimming. Tailored to the emerging personalities of the 9 to 12 age range, the fun family vacations at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch will keep your kids active and enjoying themselves.

Rough Riders get some time away from mom and dad and their siblings, but at each point during the day, the different youth groups will come together to keep those family ties tight, and kids and folks will also have a chance to bond at different points during the day.

In short, your “middle kids” will stay occupied the whole time during your family adventure at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch. They’ll make new friends, enjoy the kid friendly vacations we provide, and feel like they’re striking out on their own – all the time being watched over by our excellent dude ranch counselors.