Our dude ranch – Durango resort has been an escape for people all over the country for years. Many guests have enjoyed their first stay so much, that they keep coming back every year. There is something to do here for each member of the family, no matter what their age is.

For some, Colorado Trails Guest Ranch is a second home. Our beautiful, comfortable cabins are so cozy; you’ll wish your own room at home was just like them. It does not matter if a guest is visiting alone, with a spouse, or with your entire family—we have a cabin that will comfortably accommodate all of you.

Each of our dude ranch cabins is equipped with a private bathroom, a porch, and a separate entrance. Different cabins have unique specifics, such as the Longview Cabin which is the only cabin at our Colorado dude ranch that has a living room. The Alpine Cabins are two combined rooms, with a porch, bathroom, and entrance in each room. You can choose to occupy only one or both  rooms. The Country Cabins are duplex units. They have a shared bathroom, separate entrances, four rooms, and four bathrooms. These cabins are ideal for those visiting our dude ranch in a large group or family. Lastly, there are the Mountain Cabins, which are also duplex units with four bedrooms.

Each of these cabins is surrounded by nature, so every time you walk out of your cabin you will be able to smell the fresh, clean air and hear the beautiful sounds of nature. Our Durango dude ranch is located 12 miles northeast of Durango and is enclosed by breathtaking mountains and forests. Our guests can enjoy the scenery while also taking part in a number of the daily activities that are offered at our Colorado dude ranch.

One of the most popular activities at our ranch is horseback riding. People that know about our ranch automatically make a reservation with us if they want to go on a horseback riding vacation. We have 85 horses to choose from, and guests are matched up with their ideal horse based on experience, size, and even personality.

Many people also visit because they are in need of a fishing vacation, and they know that the Colorado Trails Guest Ranch is the place to go for getting into the action of some of the best fly fishing for trout in the country. We have several different lakes and rivers where fishers can spend their day catching fish.

In addition to these very popular activities here, there are other facilities where a variety of different activities take place. Our dude ranch is equipped with an Opera House, Ruckus Room for the kids, swimming pool, archery range, volleyball court, and petting zoo. This is the ideal place to go if you are looking to have a vacation like you’ve never had before. Reserve your spot today and get ready to have the time of your life with us on dude ranch, Colorado Trails.