If you’ve been waiting for the right time to visit Colorado Trails Guest Ranch, the time is now. Between August 29th and September 26th, a weeklong stay at our ranch is 20% off the normal weekly rate. There are other discount weeks from June 6th until June 20th at 15% off, and for the week of August 15th at 10% off, so you can plan ahead for next year, as well. Who can’t use a discount vacation in this economy?

If you’ve been longing to get away from the daily grind at home, now is the time to head to our dude ranch. Durango, Colorado is the perfect place to make you forget your troubles and experience the gorgeous landscape we have to offer. The San Juan National Forest that connects with our 450 acre ranch is magnificent.  Seeing the unobstructed view of the night sky where all of the constellations are visible is breathtaking.

How would you like to have a horseback riding vacation during Horseman’s Week from August 29th until September 5th.. You can enjoy personalized horseback riding instruction at a 20% discount. Our expert staff will help you obtain the right horse and saddle to fit your needs, and give you instruction on how to ride your horse. They will also teach you how to tend to your horse when you’re not riding it. We offer many options for when to ride, and several exciting horseback riding activities you can participate in. If you want to learn how to ride like a cowboy or girl, plus enjoy all of the other activities on the ranch such as trap shooting, fishing, hiking, swimming, archery, riflery, and more, Horseman’s Week is the right time for you to mosey on down to our dude ranch, Colorado Trails.

The time is right for fly-fishing here on our Colorado dude ranch. Durango, Colorado is the perfect place to cast out a line and reel in a big one, whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or you’re new to the sport! Our full-day fly-fishing trips will take you down the San Juan River or one of the nearby high mountain streams. A guide is recommended for your full-day trip, but is not necessary. There are a whopping six different fishing spots available for our half-day trips. Most of these areas require a guide who can assist you in catching and releasing your fish using barbless flies. All of your supplies – plus plenty of trout – are right here waiting for you!

Not only can you have a spectacular dude ranch vacation from August 29th until September 26th, from June 6th until June 20th, and the week of August 15th, you can also experience the horseback riding vacation during Horseman’s Week and the art and color clinic vacation, all at a discounted price! Contact us today so you don’t miss out on this amazing value!