There are countless people who have planned a destination vacation, gotten excited, only to end up disappointed, angry and frustrated at the outcomes. Many of the resort type packages offered are bare minimum activity plans, meaning you have to fill your stay with things to do. If you want to spend the day out hiking, you plan the path, the trails and any of the stops. If you decide to travel to a popular destination, it can mean hours of long waits, crowded places, and over priced food. There are easier options to bring you and your family closer.

Dude ranch adventure vacations are the way to go for families seeking the thrill of an amusement park, without the crowds. Our guest ranch has every part of your perfect holiday, all rolled into one great place. Start your adventure the minute you arrive. Pulling into our dude ranch parking lot, you will leave your car behind for the entire trip. No traffic jams or congestion to worry about up here. Everywhere you want to go will be done by horseback riding or your own two feet. Your experience will be a once in a lifetime adventure, so everything about our Durango dude ranch is meticulously thought out and planned, allowing you to start relaxing the minute you step out of your vehicle.

A guest ranch resort is different than any type of vacation you have been on. Instead of worrying about your children becoming bored, you will find them making friends instantly. This is because the resort guests become part of a close group of friends. Your children will be busy with different activities’ thanks to our dude ranch kid programs. Watch them fall asleep soundly every night without a battle, and enjoy the quiet one on one time. With the children doing their own activities you are able to do what you want – something strange, I’m sure.

Spend time getting to know your horse. It will be simple, with endless journeys into the national park mountain forest, enjoying the stunning panoramic views. Partake in one riding adventure after another discovering all the sights our guest ranch has to offer. If horseback riding vacations aren’t for you, enjoy the endless activities offered every day at Colorado Trails guest ranch.

Find your sense of adventure with our river rafting trip or power tubing on the crystal clear waters. Search through the forest for the perfect view of the breathtaking landscape on one of many hiking trails. After a day of thrill, relax in the soothing hot tub, feeling the cool evening breeze at your back—always a dude ranch favorite.  Watch your kids discover the heated swimming pool, for countless hours of fun. Enjoy a cool treat from our ice cream parlor, or spend the day in our game room. All of these are included in the standard guest package, making your trip at Durango, Colorado dude ranch more enjoyable.