What could be better than waking up and being enclosed by nature? You can smell the trees in the forest and hear the beautiful sounds of nature. This is what we wake up to every day at Colorado Trails. Our Colorado dude ranch is located near Durango, Colorado, in a beautiful mountain valley that has absolutely breathtaking scenery.

The other great thing about waking up at our dude ranch is that you’ll be waking up in one of our cozy cabins. When you sign up for a stay at our western dude ranch, you can choose between five different guest cabins.

The Longview cabin is a unique cabin, being the only one that includes a living room. It has one room with a king sized bed, porch, and bathroom. The couch also transforms into a pull out couch for that extra traveler. You are able to stay in the Alpine Cabins in one or two rooms, depending on how many people you are traveling with. Each room contains a bathroom, porch, and its own entrance. They also include single beds, double beds, and possibly even a bunk bed. There is a door that separates the two rooms, just in case you want to join your friends/family in the other room.

Our Country Cabins are great for two families. They are duplex units with one shared porch, individual entrances, and a total of four bedrooms and bathrooms. Each side of a Country Cabin has a room with a king bed and bathroom adjoining a room with two sets of bunk beds or a twin bed and bunk bed, and a bathroom. Our Mountain Cabins are duplex units with a total of four bedrooms. Each side of a Mountain Cabin has its own porch and two adjoining bedrooms – one with a king bed, the other with twin beds. Each room has a private bathroom and entrance.

Whichever cabin you choose to reside in during your stay at our Colorado dude ranch, you will be comfortable and at ease. Our guests say that we make them feel right at home the moment that they arrive. We can easily accommodate any group size and preference. If you’re a parent planning a family adventure vacation, you will find the perfect cabins for you—equipped with a king size bed and bunk beds.

Not only are our Colorado dude ranch cabins beautiful to look at from the mountains, but they are also beautifully decorated on the inside as well. Our guests are able to marvel at the interior and exterior of their cabin throughout the day. It’s refreshing to view and explore our cozy cabins, and it is even more rejuvenating to view nature as you sit on your porch and enjoy the weather. Most porches allow you to enjoy the scenery surrounding our western dude ranch, which is absolutely magnificent.

The great thing about our cabins is that we offer daily housekeeping. At home, you probably worry about the mess in your home constantly. Well now, you won’t have to! We take care of all the hard work for you so that you can enjoy your all inclusive family vacations and your cozy Colorado cabin.