There’s a reason that cowboys of both past and present wear cowboy boots. Far more than fashionable footwear; cowboy boots by design are the best footwear for riding horseback. As a matter of fact, at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, we require all of our guests who plan to go horseback riding to have smooth-soled footwear with heels. That means you should pull those boots you got as a fashion accessory out of the closet, dust them off, and throw them in your suitcase before you head over to Colorado Trails.

Why Cowboy Boots are the Best Shoes for Riding

The classic western cowboy boot usually has a tall boot shaft that reaches to mid-calf and an angled heel. The slick leather sole makes it easy to insert and remove the foot from a standard Western-style saddle stirrup. That’s also why the toe of a cowboy boot tends to be a little rounded or pointed – it’s not just for style. The pointed toe also makes it easier to get the foot in and out of a stirrup.

There’s also a practical reason for that boot heel. The heel makes it harder for your foot to accidentally slide through the stirrup.

As for the tall shaft of the boot, this protects the rider’s lower leg and ankle from chafing too much on the stirrup. Furthermore, as you ride along a trail, it’s not unusual for your leg to brush by brambles, branches, and tall grass. The boot protects your leg from anything that might catch on it.

Take a Family Shopping Trip

Everyone who rides horses at Colorado Trials dude ranch needs to have boots with a smooth sole and a heel. This can mean a family shopping trip to your local western store, or you can borrow from us! We have a good supply of loaner boots on hand. We’d love to share them with you for your week’s stay at Colorado Trails.