For the safety of our guests and staff, Colorado Trails is doing its best to stay current and follow CDC, state, and local guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. For this to be effective, it is critical that everyone do their part. Please familiarize yourself with our current guidelines and be willing to do your part as a guest or staff member on our ranch.
The following guidelines are in place to keep our guests and staff safe while still providing a fantastic guest ranch vacation. Our policy is not limited to these guidelines and is subject to change.

  • Ranch guest capacity has been reduced to promote physical distancing.
  • Guests must cancel their stay if they are sick or have been sick or have been in close contact with someone who is sick with COVID-19 symptoms in the 10 days before their stay.
  • Guests will need to certify that they are symptom free upon arrival and sign a risk waiver.
  • It is the guest’s responsibility to wear masks per state or federal guidelines. Colorado Trails staff have an over 80% vaccination rate and will not be wearing masks.
  • Guests should wash their hands frequently with soap and water and/or use hand sanitizer.
  • While it is normally encouraged that staff and guests mingle at mealtimes, guests are asked to sit only with their household. Staff will be dining separately. Our dining room is large enough to socially distance and ventilation is particularly good. Guests may also utilize the picnic tables outside.
  • There will only be one mid week housekeeping refresh. You may request additional items or services as needed.
  • While most of our regular activities take place outdoors, Western dancing in the Opera house is one that does not work within social distancing guidelines and is discontinued at this time.

Vaccine: We strongly encourage all guests and staff who are medically able to be vaccinated prior to arrival at the ranch.

Further information:

San Juan Public Health