Sometimes, all it really takes for your business’ team to come together is getting out of the office and relaxing together. Sometimes, it takes a little bit more than that. Whichever your team needs, you can get them to grow together during a week of mixing business with pleasure at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch.

Meeting Facilities in the Picturesque San Juan Mountains

Outside, your team will get to marvel at the natural beauty of the surrounding San Juan Mountains. Your team might take advantage of the lovely setting by taking a hike through our nature trails, or going fly fishing together. Inside, you’ll be treated to our well-staffed meeting rooms perfect for conferences and break-out sessions.

During the spring and fall months, Colorado Trails Dude Ranch is a little quieter than during the summer, when our ranch is packed with families and children. We know, and we think you’ll agree, that family groups and business groups don’t always mix well together, which is why we make parts of our off-season adults-only time for our corporate retreats.

Team Building Activities at Colorado Trails Dude Ranch

Ever tried a low-ropes course for team building? Well, we can offer your team one better: How about a horse ropes course?

We’ve gotten creative when it comes to our corporate retreats and team building activities. Instead of sending you out to jump over logs and onto platforms, or swing on a rope over an imaginary canyon, our team building obstacle courses are all performed on horseback. Don’t worry – your team need not be made up of expert equestrians to enjoy our horseback team building activities; we can adjust the level of the activity to suit the experience of the riders.

One game that corporate teams at the dude ranch find especially fun, and which definitely requires all members of the team to work together, is “Cow Soccer”. Imagine two groups of business people facing off for a soccer match, except instead of using a soccer ball, you’re herding a cow towards a goal on horseback. A challenging activity, the riders must work with their horses (the first team), along with their colleagues (the second team), and they must “score” before the opposing team does in order to win. Cow Soccer requires all the skills that make business people successful: planning, execution, course correction, flexibility, and, of course, lots of teamwork.

Bring Your Own Facilitator or Let Us Help

Some groups choose to bring their own retreat facilitator with them to the dude ranch to plan the team building activities and debrief the team afterward. Alternatively, we can help your group to plan a week of fun events that will represent the perfect blend between productive business trips and fun adventure trips. To bounce some ideas (or cows) around about our corporate retreats, give us a call today.