Spending time with family should be the first thing on everyone’s list of things to do this summer, but many people still fail to do it. Going on a family adventure vacations is a great way to create a stronger family bond. As the children grow up into their teenage years, they tend to start spending more time with their friends. This change in their outlook makes going on a family ranch vacation a perfect reminder of the importance of family.

At our Durango dude ranch, there are many activities for the family as a group and individually. Hiking, camping, and horseback riding are great activities that can involve all of you.  You can wake up early in the morning, have a delicious breakfast, and start your fun-filled days off right with plenty of energy for engaging activity under the Colorado sun.

Our cozy dude ranch cabins are a perfect second home for your family. Adventure vacation cabins at Colorado Trails Ranch can accommodate any size group. We take care of the housekeeping as well, so you can spend more time having fun. The meals cooked by our chef are absolutely delicious. Each meal is high quality and upscale, and even the kids will love it. They’ll be eating right and full of energy to really enjoy the excitement of their dude ranch kids’ programs.

Our Durango dude ranch has many facilities such as the Opera House, Ruckus Room, Trading Post and Soda Fountain. In the Opera House, we host evening activities such as square dancing. The Ruckus Room is a great spot for the kids to play and have fun while the parents are out. Our specialized staff will supervise the children in small groups of different age levels. This ensures they get the best fun from their dude ranch kid’s programs while making sure that they are always in a safe environment. The Trading Post is stocked with shirts, western hats, sunscreen, and other items that you may have forgotten at home. The Soda Fountain is a great way to cool off after a long day. Visit the Soda Fountain if you want some milkshakes, banana splits, or malts.

With all the fun things to do at Colorado Trails for all inclusive family vacations, it has also served as a perfect spot for dude ranch reunions. You will be able to reunite with family and get closer to them through fun, daily activities. Dude ranch reunions held here are always remembered and treasured.

If you are looking for a place to have your family adventure vacation or the best family reunion ever, your hunt for that spot is over right now. Colorado Trails is perfect for getting out into nature, building stronger family bonds, and having a blast while doing it. There’s no place like Colorado Trails, so come join our dude ranch family for the best week you’ve spent in your life. We assure you, you and your kids will both be sad to leave, but excited to come back the next year. Our returning guests tell us that they come back year after year, because there’s just no way to bored here.  Every year new memories, friends, and experiences are made at Colorado Trails.