Ahhh…what’s better than a relaxing day spent by the lake? The sun is shining and the smell of nature envelops you, and you are laid back soaking up the summer sun. This seems like one of the best fishing vacations—and it is! Trips to our western dude ranch are always good ones. We offer activities for visitors with all different kinds of interests and abilities.

We are well known for being the Colorado dude ranch that offers the best fly fishing vacations. When you decide to come for a visit, you will want to bring all of your trout fishing gear along with you. Don’t worry, if you happen to arrive without something for fishing you need for landing trout. We have a fly fishing center stocked with all the right equipment and accessories. Reels, boots, waders, rods—you name it, we’ve got it.

The Colorado Trails dude ranch offers its fishing enthusiasts over two miles of serene mountain rivers, along with numerous streams, lakes and ponds. Surrounded by forest, they provide the perfect atmosphere for trout fishing vacations. These waters are filled with brown, cutthroat, rainbow, and brook trout. If you are into fishing, you haven’t fished well until you meet our Cutthroat Trout. This is a fish native to Colorado and an experience you’ve been missing out on.

The great thing about fishing vacations at Colorado Trails is that we cater to fishermen at all levels of learning or expertise. For those who are just starting out with fly fishing and want to learn the ways of this popular sport, we have professional guides to teach you everything you need to know about the sport. Beginners will learn an abundance of information about the proper techniques when fishing, correct fishing equipment, and tricks of the pros. Our guides are also more than happy to work with experts when their help is needed. Why wouldn’t they? They earn their living fishing! Not many who enjoy angling could get upset over that.

When you’ve gotten everything ready to go catch some trout, you can now choose from a variety of different fishing options. We offer half day, as well as full day trips at our western dude ranch. For the half-day fishing trips, you can choose between El Dorado Ranch Pond, Rainbow Ranch Pond, Worden’s Stretch, El Dorado Ranch, and Rainbow Ranch. Each spot is a different atmosphere, so you will never get bored with options. Each spot is a perfect place to learn or perfect your fishing skills, while building confidence in your abilities.

Do you need more than half a day? For true fishing enthusiasts, they love having the opportunity to spend an entire day by the lake. Hey, we love to fish too, which is why we offer full day fishing trips at our Colorado dude ranch. For these trips, your options are the San Juan River or high mountain streams such as Lime Creek, Cascade Creek, and Hermosa Creek.

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve your cabin, pack your bags and join us at Colorado Trails in Durango – guest ranch fishing vacations that you’ll never forget!