There’s one thing about summer in the Colorado mountains that you won’t find at lower elevations. It’s a rare evening that temperatures remain uncomfortable. Something one can’t say about so many locations across the country. Anyone planning a family reunion knows that July and August are the months to hold these events. The hottest months of the year everywhere.

We have warm days during mid to late summer here at Colorado Trails, so dude ranch family reunions make shorts something everyone would want to bring. You’ll find mid-80’s to be normal highs for July and August here in Durango. Mornings are a bit cooler, making it perfectly comfortable for riding out in jeans. The heat is dry for us so 85 is less uncomfortable than it would be for those who are used to humid summers. The nights are beautiful and so much cooler.

For younger members of any extended family, reunion locations where a lake, the ocean or a massive swimming pool is readily available is seen as the best decision. Such amenities will be far less attractive to many older parents, the grandparents and great aunts or uncles. Still,  they deserve a comfortable climate to enjoy visiting and catching up with each other’s lives over the past year.

The dude ranch actually provides the perfect summer climate to make everyone’s days and evenings here comfortably enjoyable. Unlike the traditional events one resorts to when planning a reunion, you won’t find any need for entertainment that includes egg tosses, three-legged races and the expectable competitive games. Who has the time or attention for that kind of nonsense when there is hiking, horseback riding, power tubing and fishing to do? We guarantee it will be a lot more fun than seeing how far apart you can get without wearing egg for the rest of the day.

The kids will have the time of their lives discovering nature and the animals on the dude ranch. Come to think of it, so will the adults at all stages. Rather than hearing Uncle Bert’s stories of how he had to ride a horse to school in any kind of weather one more time, he’ll be so busy riding all day he’ll forget about the repetitive yarns and have some new ones to spin around the campfire.

We can’t promise that Dad won’t have some wild fishing tales to tell, but at least they’ll be fresh as the mountain streams he spent the day wading through.  You see this is what you get from the wonders of dude ranch family reunions. Sure, they’ll be reminiscing about the old days and their adventures before your time. It wouldn’t be normal if the elders had nothing to share about life in previous eras. History is very important, especially family history.

One day you’ll find yourself missing the tall tales, so enjoy them while you can and start building your own repertoire. A feat easily done on dude ranch vacations at Colorado Trails. Each member of your extended family from age 5 to 85 will never forget family reunions spent on our ranch. The weather will be comfortable and if an afternoon gets a bit warm, we’ve got lots of ways you can cool off right here on our grounds or very nearby. The heat only lasts a few hours up here. When the sun sets, everyone will get quick relief.

Planning a reunion is no work at all before, during or after everyone has departed for home. Not when you take advantage of our all inclusive family vacations for family reunions. Your job is to enjoy yourselves and spend every possible moment reconnecting with your family. We’ll take care of everything else.