Dude ranches aren’t just about horseback riding and fishing. Our Colorado guest ranch offers far more than these activities. From September 19th to September 26th, we offer an adult only art week. During this special week, our art and color clinic guests will learn to improve their artistic skills, while using the magnificent surrounding scenery as inspiration.

The instructor, Pat Fullerton, has over 30 years of experience as an artist.  Each day of Art Week, our Colorado guest ranch art class participants will focus on a different area of art and drawing. Our instructor will cover topics such as the basics of painting, perspective drawing, profile portraits, watercolor, still life/landscapes, and negative shapes.

Artists will learn to appreciate the beauty of nature, and transfer that beauty to paper. Our Durango guest ranch is the perfect place to learn art, because we’re located in an area where nature is completely surrounding us. While you’re not enjoying the scenery by painting it, you can enjoy the scenery by combining horseback riding vacations to your art and color clinic week. You are able to take one of our 85 horses on a ride through the surrounding scenic mountain trails and valley meadows on the grounds of our 450 acre guest ranch resort and out into the San Juan National Forest.

After a long day of painting and horseback riding, the fun has just started. In the evening, we always have something planned for anyone who stays at our guest ranch resort. The activity for the evening could be an ice cream social, square dancing, a candlelight dinner, or a family cookout. Once you’re exhausted from your long and exciting day, it’s time to relax in one of our comfy and private cabins. When you book an Art Week guest ranch reservation with us, you will love the relaxing comfort of our private cabin accommodations. Colorado Trails guest ranch resort cabins are available for singles or couples and on up to the biggest families or fun-loving groups.

Each day, guests are encouraged to get out and join in on as many activities as possible. We have a number of different Colorado guest ranch facilities, and we’re sure you’ll look forward to putting a few of them to good use on one of our all inclusive family vacations. Our facilities include a volleyball court, Ruckus Room, Opera House, Trading Post, Soda Fountain, rifle range, and much more.

Colorado Trails Guest Ranch even has WIFI in our Loft Lounge, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while catching up on your email via laptop or reading the morning paper. There is also a pool table in this popular spot for challenging your new guest ranch resort art clinic friends to a game of Eight Ball. Then again, perhaps, you prefer a quieter setting and would like to lounge about on your cabin porch with a great book from our lending library or soak away some stress in the hot tub.

Our accomplished Colorado guest ranch chef prepares all of your meals that are absolutely awesome. We provide sanitary services for your cabin, and should you forget something vital or find you need some added supplies, our staff will even drive into town to pick up anything needed that you don’t find available in our guest ranch stores. Here on the best Colorado dude ranch, we are all about customer service and keeping our guests happy on every day of our special Art Week color clinic.