IMake if one of your best horseback riding vacations yet.f you’re doubtful that horseback riding vacations won’t be your cup of tea… you not being an experienced rider and all, think again. At Colorado Trails Dude Ranch, we offer horseback riding lessons and are super adept at matching every guest up with the right horse to match their personality and experience level.

You’re going to love it, and have the time of your life. How can we be so sure? We’ve been in the dude ranch business for 50 years. We know all about horses and people, be they child, adult or seniors.

Here are five good reasons why your family’s next set of horseback riding vacation ideas should include our dude ranch.

1. We have nearly eighty horses.

You read that right: our herd of horses includes almost eighty well-trained, well-cared for horses. With so many horses, we can always find a horse that’s the right size and the right temperament for the rider.

2. We have an excellent guest to staff ratio.

Our horse wranglers are experienced, and there’s enough of them to go around. Everyone in your family who’s looking forward to adventure vacations and horseback riding lessons will find the support they need from our excellent, professional staff members.

3. At our dude ranch, riding experience doesn’t matter.

We’re not just saying we offer all inclusive family vacations because there’s lots more to do than horseback riding. Unlike you may think, we never expect guests to already have a level of familiarity with horses and riding. At our dude ranch, everyone will find the perfect program for ‘never been in the saddle beginners to more challenging rides for experienced riders. You’ll find we’re ready to work with each member of your family, and all guests on the ranch. You may not ride when you arrive, but you will be having a great time on that horse long before you’re ready to head home.

4. We’re very proud of our Horseman’s Week.

Every September, we offer a unique horseback riding vacation called Horseman’s Week. The week includes basic lessons, as well as more advanced lessons such as ground work, arena work, and equine care. For horse lovers, our Horseman’s Week provides a horseback riding vacation unlike any other.

5. Horseman’s Week includes a discount.

If your ideal adventure vacation centers around horses, we have yet another great reason to try out our Horseman’s Week: it’s 20% off our current regular rates. Contact Colorado Trails to find out how to take advantage of this special offer.

For anyone looking to learn more about horseback riding, or anyone who enjoys horseback riding vacations, give Colorado Trails a chance to show you why our horseback riding program is superior. After you’ve tried it out, we think you’ll agree that our program is one of the best around.