While staying at the dude ranch, there are many different activities you can experience. One of these activities is power tubing. Essentially you get into a large inner tube and go for a ride on Vallecito Lake, a short drive from dude ranch property with a bunch of other fun people. This activity is one of the best experiences you can ever have, never mind the week on the guest ranch resort, but over the whole summer. To prove it, we have compiled a list of activities it beats out.

1) Aunt Betsy’s house:  Let’s face it, we all love our family. We enjoy spending time with them, and visiting them for certain times of the year. After a while, though, it becomes tough to hear the same story of how Uncle Ed rescued the kitten out of the tree. Not only is power tubing at the dude ranch more exciting than visiting, it also doesn’t have that funky smell—you know the one. Even better, dude ranch vacations have other activities to amuse Uncle Ed, and give everyone something besides the kitten story to wear out your ears over.

2) Family Reunion: As much fun as it is getting everyone together, there is always someone there to rain on the parade. Between the older generations wanting to sit in the shade, and the younger generations wanting to jump into the creek… it can be hard finding something everyone can enjoy. What’s worse is trying to cram everyone around the small picnic tables, and having to sit near that strange cousin of yours who always has her finger inside of her nose. At the dude ranch, you will find power tubing to be exhilarating without having to endure the cramped feeling! Oh and the only water, will be the water on the river. Your strange cousin can go off on the trails and worry her nose on the horseback riding vacations, where hopefully the other trail riders won’t notice her nosey attraction.

3) Disney World:  This globally popular destination is great if you enjoy crowded places, long line up and incredibly over priced food that isn’t anything special. If you were hoping to get away from it all, this may not be the solution you were hoping for. Try your hand at Colorado power tubing as a dude ranch guest instead; it is the same thrill as any amusement ride, without the long lines.

4) Video games:  These can be great fun on a rainy afternoon, but when it comes to playing a video game to whipping through water bouncing over the waves, power tubing at the guest ranch resort wins. Why not try it instead of living through a land of make believe!

5) Staying home:  Sure at home you have a bike, and your friends. Of course you have your toys in your room and a few things to do, but after a few weeks you will be screaming in boredom. Why not let the power tubing experience at the Colorado dude ranch give you constant thrills and adventure you need? Spend time with your new friends as you plow through the waves and water in your tube, and feel the cool wind blowing through your hair.

When you’re tired of power tubing on Vallecito Lake, you can shoot traps, try some archery or head out on one of the different fly fishing vacation spots around the ranch. Then again, you could also just soak up some sun next to the dude ranch pool, or shoot pool in the ruckus room. Or any one of the other dozens of things one can choose to do on all inclusive family vacations.